Tuesday, August 21, 2007

my heartfelt apologies...

To mybb - for each and every fight
- for the tears you shed
- for the pain i caused
- for my every blue
- for asking questions that
you do not know how to answer

To Dad n Mom - for not going home often
except during the CNY
- for not calling sometimes
- for the times when I wasn't there

To Sisters n brother - for not visiting you guys often
- for not having dinner every night
- for the times when I wasn't there

To all my Friends - for not being able to attend your "big day"
- for the broken promises
- for the forgotten birthday
- for not returning your calls n sms

But believe me that I love you all
Should I say sorry for that too?


Anonymous said... @ 21/8/07 5:28 PM

Wonderful poem there. And, Congrats for being able to come up with one catchy blog's name. I hope I won't turn you off hahahhaa... Miss you so much...

Anonymous said... @ 22/8/07 9:40 AM

Hey Monica! Welcome to the blogsphere! Thanks for linking up my blog. Didn't realize you have become quite a writer :)

Monica said... @ 5/9/07 1:41 PM

Hi Louis. Hope to see you at St.Patrick church next year. I'll be back for the CNY!

Anonymous said... @ 9/9/07 4:17 PM

Hey sis, very nice and touching poem.... actually, u are quite a sentimental girl!!!!

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