Thursday, August 23, 2007

Last night, me and mybb decided to have dinner at Restoran D'TomYam, Damansara Perdana after we bought our groceries at Tesco.

see what did we order..

We are great FAN of Thai food. I think mom will be shocked if she knows that i can eat spicy food nowadays because i do not eat spicy food at all when i was back in Tawau, my hometown :-) Well, we may probably just have to catch the flight to Thailand one day, shall we?

Fancy some horror or thriller movies? Well, I do. I just don't know why. We watched a DVD movie called Turistas.

Turistas (translates as 'Tourists' in English) is a 2006 vacation horror movie, about a group of young backpackers whose vacation turns sour when a bus accident leaves them marooned on a remote Brazilian beach that holds an ominous secret.

hmm...sounds interesting? If you just want to see some bikini clad babes, you should go and see it. If you have nothing else to do you can (not should) go and see it. If you want to see a guy get stabbed in the eye, go and see it.

The bottom line - is there any shimmering-oasis-like, too-good-to-be true bar on the beach?


Anonymous said... @ 27/8/07 3:17 PM

Now you enjoy most of the spicy food huh. Great to know that. Well, at least I have changed you a bit there. MMMmm...petai looks good. Shall I go to TTDI market again this coming Sunday? Maybe I just grab a few strips of petai and we can make petai goreng with prawns...How about that..? Sounds Yummy enough..? I betcha a#@...

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