Saturday, September 29, 2007

I love high heels like any woman does but looking your best might not always be the best thing for you. I feel pity for the models!!!


Anonymous said... @ 30/9/07 12:36 AM

I love heels too! It makes us feel and look more sexy ^__^. However, due to my height (ahem! quite tall liao) and my back pain, I opt for less heels nowadays.

Monica said... @ 30/9/07 1:09 AM

yes blusher, you are not only tall but you have a nice body too...short person like me, high heel is a MUST esp at work...LOL

Anonymous said... @ 1/10/07 10:05 AM

Monica, you hv not seen me 'now'. Nice I've expanded a lot since high school. Trust me, nice body does not even come close to me now. HAHAHAHA. ^__^

Monica said... @ 1/10/07 11:14 PM

:-)trust me too. I can see that you are not that bad!!!

Anonymous said... @ 13/1/09 2:29 PM

hot heels make me cum

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