Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another handbag snatching happened in front of me! Sounds familiar too? Petty crime such as handbag snatching is certainly not new on Malaysian streets.

Last night, we were having dinner at Restoran D'TomYam, Damansara Perdana again. Ralph wanted to sit at a table, which is very near the roadside, but I refused so we moved to another table next to it.

Dinner finished and we continued chatting as usual. Suddenly, two men on a motorcycle speed up from behind a woman who was sitting at the table next to us, coming close enough for the pillion rider to snatch her handbag. She was shocked and I was shocked too. No one get a close look as the motorcycle made off at high speed. Luckily, the woman was not injured or else things could have turned uglier. At the same time, there were two security guards patrolling around that area but they just couldn't do anything except using their walkie-talkie to alert other security guards.

I considered myself very lucky because eventually I will become the victim if I were to sit at that table. I really thank GOD but in my heart, I cursed the snatch theft will be hit by a bus or a lorry! I know I am so bad. I am not supposing to curse but why would people want to snatch handbag?! Even beggars don't rob! Actually, I was one of the victims before. My sister and I were sitting outside of a restaurant. Someone grabbed my cell phone, which was lying on the table and took off in a motorcycle where the other accomplice was waiting. I know it was my mistake. But, I thank GOD my purse was still with me and we were safe.

In fact, I had a dream in the afternoon and I told Ralph about it. After the incident, Ralph reminded me about my dream.

In my dream...

I was ironing a shirt and I heard the sound of a foot stepping around the house. When I stood near the window, I saw the person left. The moment I wanted to continue ironing the shirt, it was missing! I was very frustrated and suddenly I woke up.

I do not have the ability to interpret dreams and do not know what something means in a dream but I think it was a sign from GOD! YES!!! GOD did not promise me life to be a bed of roses. HE did not answer my prayers when I felt HE should. In fact, HE was trying to show me something even greater than I could ever imagine, see, hear or think about!

Okay, back to the woman who lost her handbag. I am sure you are fully aware about minimizing the risk of handbag theft and basic security practices...blah, blah, blah... especially ladies, please be alert and observant because sometimes, in certain situation, nobody can help you. I personally do not think the government can afford to install surveillance camera in every streets too. Just do not let the person to be able to lead a life of luxury through his snatch theft activities!

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