Friday, September 21, 2007

Today I received a few pictures from Asim (my friend, housemate, "son", mybb ex-student, Saudi Arabian, joker) who just came back from Langkawi. Thanks for the Malaysia duty not paid "thingy". After more than one month staying, partying, enjoying, part-time-ing and "fishing", he claimed that he is still single and available. okay girls, he is not only funny but also very friendly, fun, helpful and happy-go-lucky kinda person too!


Here are some of the pictures (taken during his birthday) that he would like to share with you *his laptop is affected by virus! especially to his friends and also my friends who read this blog from Saudi Arabia. marhaba salam alekom... Mr.Ralph and I miss you guys!!! kaifa halok?

Asim and his Korean "gf"
his new friends

his Flaming Lamborghini
"hey, I thought you are still under-age!"

"who cares!!! I am in Malaysia NOW." he said.
Anyway, Congratulations on your acceptance into UM!


anttyk said... @ 21/9/07 2:46 PM

I like duty free stuff too... Those that make you go hichichichic!

Monica said... @ 21/9/07 4:42 PM

Are we talking about the same "stuff" here?...:-)

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