Saturday, October 27, 2007

My cousin sister Salina a.k.a starcloud asked me out for dinner at The Curve on Tuesday with a few old school friends. Sorry friends. I know I couldn't make it that night. The moment I reached home after worked, I felt like a "dead fish" lying on my bed after a nice shower. I guess the chicken essence that I took occasionally doesn't work for me. Can you suggest me any tips on how to work hard smart and play hard harder?

Few days later, Salina sent me this picture.

Wow, you girls look great! If I was there, this beautiful picture will not be prefect with my alien look tired face!

Fui Ling: When are you coming back again? Hope to see you next time round.

Lisa a.k.a blusher: Hot teacher!

Ivy: Hey, how are you doing? Such a long time didn't see you!

Salina: When are we going out for dinner again?


Anonymous said... @ 28/10/07 8:12 PM

Hey Mon, you ace this post before me. Thanks for posting the pic. I've been a tad too lazy to edit the pic and had not found the right inspiration to write about the dinner...yet.

So sorry you were not around girl!

Anonymous said... @ 29/10/07 10:05 PM

Hi Monica, i'm doing fine.. except the occasional stress & pressure. *_* Too bad you couldn't join us that day. We had a good catch-up session! btw, i found out your blog from Salina ;)

Monica said... @ 30/10/07 2:59 AM

blusher: It's ok! Perhaps next time round ;-)

Ivy: Hi...Glad to 'see' you here and thanks for dropping by.

Calm down and chill out to overcome your stress! Live everyday with a smile (^_^)

Anonymous said... @ 30/10/07 9:42 AM

hey.... i guess it's getting excited to view blogs and 'hang around' in facebook... should come out again and e chat chat chat and chat.

Monica said... @ 30/10/07 12:01 PM get addicted to it huh. but I haven't had much time to 'hang around' in facebook..

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