Thursday, October 25, 2007

Our friend Tarek who just came back from his country, Saudi Arabia came and visited us on Monday night. He forced insisted on bringing us to Xandria's Pub at Crystal Crown Hotel Petaling Jaya as he was staying there for one night before leaving to Penang the next day with his wife and son.

Just a short drive away from our place, we reached there around 10pm. A few customers were sitting at the outdoor patio area. When we went inside, we found the place to be completely dead and we were the only people! We were given a warm welcome. The atmosphere is pretty casual and friendly. I asked for orange juice but only soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are available. What the ??

entrance of Xandria's Pub

Tarek, Asim and Ralph

suspiciously empty!

live band from the Philippines

By 1am, I was starving and freezing. All sorts of food crossed my mind. "I have to leave this place!". Asim and I finished our entire bowl of chicken rice with chicken drumsticks prepared by Ralph earlier on.


Anonymous said... @ 25/10/07 5:40 PM

yeah that night was terrible and i was late for class the next morning...actually Ms.Monica and I wanted to leave earlier but had to wait for Tareq to finish what he was doing .....


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