Tuesday, October 02, 2007

For the past few days, I’ve been sleeping like a log. Tired. Tired. Tired!!!....
BUT there are little things that make me happy :-)

  • - sms from mybb everyday.
  • - there was a bottle of Chicken Essence of Brands on the table every morning.
  • - learning new stuffs.
  • - bought myself a pair of black peep-toe heels last Monday.
  • - get to know some new friends. They are really friendly and nice people.
  • - went to KL with monorail with mybb on 23th Sept. Our first experience!
  • - received an e-mail from Alvin today for asking us out this weekend. Feel bored when i was not online huh..^-^
  • - when I read this.
  • - going to Genting Highlands on the 16th Oct.
  • - public holidays (Raya) is coming soon. Where to go? What to do?


Anonymous said... @ 3/10/07 10:57 PM

Aww..my post got you happy? I had no idea. Anyway, I'm sure we'll meet up for drinks one day, on anttyk..hehehe
BTW, a piece of advice; don't get stuck in the jam during the Raya hols.

Monica said... @ 3/10/07 11:05 PM

Yes. on anttyk!!! hahaha...
Thanks for your advice too!

Anonymous said... @ 4/10/07 11:56 AM

If drinks on anttyk.... then i must be there as well..hehe!

Monica said... @ 4/10/07 12:04 PM

of course! how can we forget about SALINA...

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