Thursday, October 11, 2007

Some friends have been asking me "Why you are getting thinner?"

New friends have been saying "Wow you really can eat a lot!"

Are you Health-Conscious? No. I am not a health conscious person.

Your weight? I am 50kg now!

Exercise? Follow a good diet? Sorry....not me! Even though fitness centres have mushroomed all over the country, I am too lazy and I can't resist myself from eating unhealthy foods.

So "You are not exactly what you eat..."
Yes, maybe I am not what I eat...

See, what is in the fridge and in the room...

never get enough of ice cream. Vanilla with Chocolate Chips - my favourite

soft drinks

I love sandwich+cheese

one of the junk food

I can't live without coffee


Unknown said... @ 12/10/07 8:56 AM

Yea, eat moreeeeeeee!!! ;-D

Monica said... @ 13/10/07 9:19 AM

Yes Jacky. I am!

Anonymous said... @ 14/10/07 5:51 PM

Hey Monica, you shd try out Hainan Lao Kopi. Much better than Nescafe.
Check this out

I prefer this now cos it has the olden days taste, if you get my meaning :-)

Monica said... @ 15/10/07 12:25 AM

Thanks blusher. I will try to get it by tomorrow!!!

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