Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ralph and I went to IKEA on Monday. Instead of looking for his pillow, we ended up packed the following purchases:

GOSA SKAPLIG ergonomic pillow - RM 19.90. Polyurethane foam filling. 100% cotton. The special shape follows the contours of your head and neck; this provides optimal support and allows your muscles to relax. Not sure if this will work. Let him try first.

We bought 2 sets of RAJTAN spice jars that came in packages of 4 for storing herbs and spices - RM 9.90 per set.

TROFAST storage box - RM 10.00

I saw this lovely pink chair but it is quite small for my butt...LOL

Therefore, we bought this instead.

SNILLE swivel pink chair - RM 59.00

Then, I saw this pink computer table

Nice right? Again, it is too small. I guess it is for children or small sized adults. Why don't they make it BIGGER?


anttyk said... @ 30/11/07 2:06 PM

Haha. I thought for a moment there I clicked onto the Ikea website...

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