Saturday, November 03, 2007

As usual, my mornings begin with a cup of hot coffee while I check my email. I was surprised to receive a friend request on Friendster from Eunice. Eunice Woo? Wan Ching? Is that her? Is that her? I clicked on her profile....My, oh my...It's her! I was so excited that she "found" me.

Eunice is actually my close friend in high school, St.Patrick Tawau. She is working in Gold Coast, Australia as a doctor and gotten married last year. "It is almost 20 years since we last met." She said. OMG! 20 years?! It definitely brings back memories of our childhood days. It was so nice to catch up what is going on with her. I can't wait to see her one day..."I miss you!" I replied her message. Does anyone from St.Patrick still remember this lovely girl?

I have to get another cup of coffee now because my coffee left unattended has turned cold.


Anonymous said... @ 4/11/07 11:14 PM

Hey, I remember her..I think. She was in our class in Form 1, right? After that, I don't recall anything about her. How the heck did she find you in Friendster? You must have been really important to her. Hehe!

Anonymous said... @ 5/11/07 6:18 PM

We were great mates then! miss her heaps!i'm ecstatic to have found her,my long lost friend!!what is ur name blusher? do u have pic? It's always amazing to find/meet old friends.-Eunice-

Anonymous said... @ 6/11/07 11:30 AM

Eunice, once in school, I was known as the infamous Foo Suet Li with the Darlie smile. Nowadays, I just go with my alter ego, blusher, which I used as my online name.
Pics? Yes, I do have them...lotsa them. You can get them in my facebook, friendster or blog.
BTW, great seeing you here, supporting dear Monica in her blog as well *winks*.

Anonymous said... @ 7/11/07 10:11 AM

Foo suet Li definitely sounds familiar! if i'm not mistaken, did u have curly hair b4? Beautiful photos..nice meeting u again!keep in touch ya

Anonymous said... @ 9/11/07 9:55 PM

Yooooo.... Woo Wan Ching? with the thick and rough hairs?.... I remembered we tooked photos together at Sungei Wang when I went to KL for holidays.

Monica said... @ 10/11/07 1:35 PM

really? definitely she still remember you!

Anonymous said... @ 10/11/07 10:48 PM

what is ur name starcloud?do u still have tat photo taken in sungei wang? -Eunice-

Anonymous said... @ 14/11/07 12:13 PM

I am Salina Chong. StarCloud is my chinese direct translation. The photos were at Twu and i am now working in KL.

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