Thursday, December 20, 2007

Last night, we (David, Ralph and I) had our dinner at Summer BBQ and steamboat restaurant (same row as Tasty Pot).

Located at No. 23, 3rd Floor, Jln Pjs 8/18, Dataran Mentari.

Tom Yam and Herbal soups.

BBQ area.

Grilled fish, lamb, chicken,....I like it as we do not have to grill everything ourselves.

The only setback was the hard-rough-tough beef that they served. This time round we couldn't eat much compared to the first and second time. The food tend to fill us up pretty fast.
"NO MORE steamboat buffet for the time being." They said.
What about Japanese Buffet? I love it!


lovie said... @ 22/12/07 11:45 AM

I've been to this place once, I think you have more choices here, other steamboat buffets don't have so many choices.

Monica said... @ 24/12/07 11:57 AM

lovie: you love steamboat too?

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