Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It was Christmas Eve. Everywhere was so packed. We had nothing specific planned. Just had our dinner at Crystal Jade Meal Cube, Pavilion. The restaurant (Non Halal. Located at Level 3.), which served Western style dishes was packed with people. Luckily, we didn't have to line up for a table.

Live Performance

Bar counter

Nice lightings

Caesar Salad (RM 9.90++)

Grilled Fish Fillet (RM 17.90++)

Tempura Fish & Chip (RM17.90++)

Iced Caramel Cappucino (RM 8.90++)

Mango Crepe (RM 6.90++)

Bubble Gum (RM7.90++)

Everything was great so far until...

We saw these.

Sidewalks were filled with people.

The crowd went wild by spraying each other or even strangers with artificial snow spray cans.

They were on the streets, causing a major traffic jam.

For one seconds we thought that we were in "Middle East".

I felt pity for this sweet little girl as she has to collect empty cans and bottles.

See, those boxes were full of empty cans.

Unfortunately, her hard work doesn't pay off. This idiot (the man from DBKL) grabbed all her "collection"!

Frankly, I prefer to stay at home and "spend time" with loved ones on a Christmas Eve. Without crowds and chaos.


Anonymous said... @ 27/12/07 8:03 PM

For what reason those pople hav to do that? It's spoil the beauty of the place, really. By th way, I tell you what, you are potential to b a rporter, eh? HAAAAAAAA!

Monica said... @ 28/12/07 12:46 PM

Jacky: It's the season to be "jolly" ;-)


lovie said... @ 29/12/07 7:00 AM

That's the reason I always stay at home during all these occassions. Hehe.

Monica said... @ 29/12/07 5:19 PM

lovie: I guess I will try to "stick" my butt at home too :-D

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