Thursday, December 06, 2007

Within 15 minutes, I have to get ready, put on make-up... I hate last minute thingy! I hate rushing!

Last night, at 11pm, we (David, Ralph and I) rushed went to Thai Club & Bistro.

Initially, David must go there as he has his own "plan". The two of us, we were forced to join him there for the grand final of dancing queen competition.

David drove like a racing driver but we missed the event once we reached there. Obviously.

Got ourselves in after paying RM 28 each for the cover charge which inclusive of 1 drink. Beer, Whisky, Vodka, Gin, Rum... I hate do not really like liquor taste. The only non-alcoholic drink is Coca-cola. I do not want to drink Coca-cola either. So, they choosed Vodka Ribena for me. I had no idea how does it taste like but Ribena sounds good to me. I like it though.

The crowd was mostly mixed up, young and old ones. We could get an empty table easily as it was not so crowded.

There was a live band. Eh, not so great.

We danced till 2am, couldn't stay any longer simply because the next day is not Sunday!

Anyway, we will continue...again...this Saturday night. Anyone?

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