Monday, January 07, 2008

Is there any other tea to reduce heat from the body or before the urine becomes rainbow dark orange color, like beer or to detoxify your body besides the super duper BITTER Wong Lo Kat Herbal Tea?

I forced myself to swallow it but the taste it left behind in my mouth was awful. Aargh! I cringed with every sip basically. I don’t know about you, but to me, it made me suffer a lot. OMG!!! Nonetheless, I kept reminding myself, a good medicine tastes bitter. Evidently, the Wong Lo Kat in can doesn't work as it tastes sweet.

I hate sore throat!

I guess I must eat more fruits too.

Like, this....?


Unknown said... @ 7/1/08 7:30 PM

HAAAAAAA! Vit C is important. I am sure you NEED this much fruits to make ur body requirement balance. Sore throat is really "incoveneince" to us. Well, I suggest you drink more water and ahve soem good sleep. You will recovered soon. Don't worry.

Anonymous said... @ 8/1/08 10:37 AM

Monica dear...make sure you drink more water and you actually can boil some ginseng root (Yang Sheng) to drink once a week. It's also cooling and has a tangy taste.

Monica said... @ 11/1/08 2:04 PM

jacky, blusher,
Thanks dear! I am getting better now ;-)

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