Tuesday, January 15, 2008

mybb brought 100 sticks of satays back, not from Kajang, not from satay stalls by the roadside, but all the way from Sibu!

Everything was homemade, prepared by his mom who marinated the chicken and beef for many hours. *Thumbs up!*

Tasty peanut sauce.

Juicy chicken and beef satay.

And, NO flabby chicken skin threaded in between the meat pieces. That's the BEST thing!


Unknown said... @ 15/1/08 8:03 PM

I like the sataysssssss

ZB said... @ 17/1/08 12:57 AM

i also don't like satays with too much fats on it!

Monica said... @ 19/1/08 11:54 PM


but we can't find any satays here without fats.

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