Thursday, January 31, 2008

Only seven days left until Chinese New Year? And you still haven’t finished or started shopping, yet? Well, you’re not alone. In less than a week, I will be going home and I haven't even started shopping yet!

What if I can't find the red high heels shoes that I like? What if I found the shoes that I like but Size 6 is out of stock? What if I can't find the sexy red dress lovely and not-so-sexy outfits? What if I can't find a bag to match the new outfits? What if I can't get anything at all after spending the whole day in a shopping mall?


Yes, it’s true.

Shopping with ladies can be very, very difficult, sometimes. I feel sorry for mybb. I really do.

But, but..., at least we can spend time together!


Jacky Chung said... @ 31/1/08 5:32 PM

your bf must b very caring and understanding. ;) I hope I can learn someday...

Monica said... @ 1/2/08 6:25 PM

I'm sure you will do that too ;-)

Jacky Chung said... @ 1/2/08 8:12 PM

Thank you. ;)

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