Friday, January 11, 2008

These days, shoppers are spoilt for choice in shopping venues with three more major shopping malls launched last year in Malaysia; The Pavilion, Mid Valley The Gardens and Sunway Pyramid extensions.

We went to Mid Valley Megamall to buy some gifts for mybb's family and had a chance to check out The Gardens, second phase of Mid Valley which connected the both shopping mall with a roofed bridge. Like Starhill, it caters to a different market, the high-end market with exclusive international fashion labels. Isetan and Robinsons are the two main anchor tenants of The Gardens.

We wandered around. People are everywhere at the first phase, but not here. There are more security officers (dressed nicely in a full suit) patrolling inside than shoppers.

It also has a cinema on the 4th floor. We wanted to watch a movie but we were quite surprised as there were no cinema-goers around the ticketing counter. We found out it is a new boutique cinema concept with only Gold Class and Premiere Class halls, under the branding GSC Signature. There was this nice and friendly gentleman who is also working there offered to give a tour by showing us around. "Tour?" Wow!

As we stepped into the Malaysia's first 'boutique cinema', we were treated like royalty greeted warmly by all the staffs everywhere we went. Impressed. There are three internal food & beverage establishments within its premises – Cafe Caro Lounge, Restaurant Paradiso and a dessert bar.

GSC Signature will consist of only two Gold Class halls and five Premiere Class halls. The Gold Class halls equipped with full leather recliners seats with electronic reclining controls to allow you to adjust your seat and fall asleep lie back. Personalised service will be provided with just a touch of a button located at individual tables located in front of the leather recliners. While the Premiere halls equipped with the Paragon Milano twin seats with individual tables for your snacks.

This new concept in the movie going experience, however, comes with a price. Each ticket at the Premiere Class costs RM20 per seat while the Gold Class is RM60 per seat (inclusive of a complimentary drink and use of a blanket and cushion during the movie screenings).

After shopping, we watched National Treasure 2, of course, the ordinary cinema-goers like us won't pay RM60 each for a movie, where I would rather spend for a buffet dinner. What do you think?


Unknown said... @ 11/1/08 9:44 PM

Besides the warm greeting given by the cinema crew, any other good thing which worth RM 20 a ticket? :)

Monica said... @ 12/1/08 2:47 AM

Besides more comfortable and generous legroom between the seats, Premiere halls are all twin-seated, perfect for couples whereby the ordinary GSC has limited couple seats.

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