Sunday, January 20, 2008

(an email I received today)

Dear AllMalaysian Blogger,


You've won yourself two tickets to a special screening of
Rambo 4: John Rambo, which will be held on Thursday, Jan 24 at 9.30pm at Golden Screen Cinemas, Mid Valley Megamall.



Thank you, and keep on bloggin’.

- Ed -

AMBP, Thank you!!!!!!!


Jax said... @ 22/1/08 1:36 AM

I just heard a radio interview with Sylvester Stallone about the new Rambo this weekend. Apparently, he thinks this is going to be the best Rambo ever, and also thinks it tells an important story about human rights violations in Myanmar (he said Burma).


But Stallone also said 'this is the most graphic Rambo ever.' Eeek! I thought First Blood was pretty darn graphic! You'll have to give us your review!

Monica said... @ 23/1/08 1:31 AM

I'm not sure about the story yet but sounds like quite interesting huh, human rights violations in!

Unknown said... @ 25/1/08 10:49 PM

Hi Monica
how have u been girl? hows life over there? recently been reading your blog and is really getting more interesting.....i like the food section slot and it makes hungry all the time...keep the food section going and update me more about Malaysian food and the trend over there......anyways got to go hope to hear from u soon....take care yeah...ohhhh your birthday is just round the corner and let me be the first to say Happy Birthday to u and hope u have a wonderful day....take care...hugs and kisses....Min

Monica said... @ 26/1/08 3:27 PM

Hey! I am good and THANKS for reading ;-) Will update more on food section, I know you are a passionate foodie too!

Again, THANKS for the birthday wish! Very glad indeed to hear from you. Take care!

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