Saturday, January 12, 2008

What can I get you bab' ?

*Ralph asked, a few weeks ago.*

Nothing could be finer than some cakes from Secret Recipe.

My only dilemma was deciding which one to try first.

Apple Crumble Cheese (RM5.50)

Spirulina Pineapple (RM5.80)

Hi Fibre Cream Cheese (RM6.50)

Tiramisu (RM5.50)

Yogurt Cheese (RM5.50)

I love all EXCEPT their 'Health Cake', Hi Fibre Cream Cheese.


Unknown said... @ 13/1/08 10:33 AM

I think Tiramitsu is better

Anonymous said... @ 13/1/08 11:54 AM

Spirulina and Pineapple??? How's the taste?

Monica said... @ 13/1/08 2:40 PM

You like Tiramisu too?

Simply refreshing!!!

Unknown said... @ 14/1/08 8:32 PM

what a shame!!! I haven't tried it. HAAA! I think it's nice coz I heard this food many times.

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