Friday, February 29, 2008

There are a lot of weird superstitions involving the giving and receiving of gifts. However, I was raised in a religious family and taught not to believe in superstitions. All the things that happened to people are probably just coincidence and people strive to make connections.

One of them, which I always heard from friends is never buy your man a pair of shoes, or he will walk out of your life forever! A few friends of mine bought shoes to their partners as a gift and ended up they were no longer together. What the..?!?! Could this be a connection or is it just a coincidence?

Check out the long list of superstitions here.

Believe it or not.


Anonymous said... @ 29/2/08 12:28 PM

just normal superstitious..

its as good as malays giving cloth to their partner and then a few weeks later break up..

I suppose relationship is all about trust and give and take.

Must be balance mah..

Anonymous said... @ 29/2/08 3:01 PM

dun believe...

Monica said... @ 29/2/08 11:14 PM

really? I never heard of that before :-0

Anyway, what you said is true. I never bought any shoes for my partners and the past relationships ended...hahaha..

me too...

ZB said... @ 4/3/08 5:05 PM

wait till i get a bf, then i purposely buy shoe for him.

haiz.. those superstitious, i cannot believe people would actually buy those 'theory'

Monica said... @ 4/3/08 7:54 PM

hey girl, I thought you have a bf! :-D opps...

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