Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Before I go back to Tawau , I would like to wish all my friends, bloggers, readers a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!

May the Year of the Rat bring you and yours peace, health and wealth....


Unknown said... @ 6/2/08 2:38 PM

Thank you. I hurt my left eye. Hopefully it will recovered very soon. It's really inconvinience when you cannot watch tv, computer etc etc.

Anyway, which you a prosperous and healthy year too.

Sewjin said... @ 7/2/08 7:40 AM

eat Hing Lee for me!

Happy CNY!

anttyk said... @ 14/2/08 11:29 AM

Happy Chinese New Year Monica!

Monica said... @ 22/2/08 10:16 AM

What happened to your eye? You should tell me so that I can go and visit you when I was in Twu. Anyway, get well soon!

Hing Lee? What's that? ;-)

Same to you :-D

ZB said... @ 22/2/08 12:36 PM

updates plz!!!


Unknown said... @ 24/2/08 10:49 AM

I eye recovered on 6/2. Felt happy when I can open my eyes in the morning. HAAAAA!!

I do not have your number, I online during CNY but your line is off. Can't contact you. ;) So, you have a great Valentine this year?

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