Friday, February 22, 2008

Stayed at my home sweet home watching Astro, eating non-stop and chatting with everyone at home, visited some relatives, went to church, celebrated dearest mom's birthday earlier, had buffet lunch at Marco Polo Hotel, spent V-Day at home, went to salon, slept 10 hours everyday, couldn't blog, couldn't chat online... All I can say is, I have been spending quality time with my family for the past two weeks.

Left Tawau on 20 Feb at 21.15 to Kuala Lumpur with a heavy . Miss my dearest parents so much! I can't wait to hug them soon.

Now, getting back to the REAL life again!


Unknown said... @ 22/2/08 5:18 PM

I can understand your feeling. Home is so great. Always come back to Tawau...;)

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