Monday, February 04, 2008

Everything done at once in Lot 10 and Sungei Wang Plaza yesterday. *I hope so.*

6 hours later, mybb's wallet was a few hundred ringgit lighter, after we came out from Isetan, Elianto, Jun-Saito, Romp, Nose, Metrojaya and Voir. Ouch!

Our friend, Alvin supposed to come and join us but due to traffic congestion around Bukit Bintang area, hence he couldn't make it.

Sungei Wang was really packed!

We rest our tired legs stopped for dinner at U-Cafe.

Heavy rain at night..

Grilled Satay Chicken Rice (RM11.90++). Too bit spicy for me, so I switched it with mybb.

Honey Orange Chicken Rice (RM11.90++). I like this instead.

U De-mint (RM6.90++). Refreshing!

Ying Yang in H.K. Style (RM4.50++)

Best of all, mybb was has always been very patient to shop around with me. Without him, I'll be ended up carrying armloads of shopping bags. No-no!


Unknown said... @ 4/2/08 5:27 PM

I think it's unwise to drive in Kl near any festivals.......

haan said... @ 5/2/08 1:03 AM

who dare to say Malaysians are NOT RICH?? thanks for your comment. mind nang-ing the post for me? thanks :)

Monica said... @ 5/2/08 10:55 PM

That's why we didn't drive that day ;-D

I had "nang" your nice post! Thanks for dropping by too ;-)

ZB said... @ 6/2/08 4:46 PM

U De-mint looks... erm... ODD?

Monica said... @ 22/2/08 10:18 AM

ODD? :-D You should try!

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