Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cases or problems with taxi drivers are not new in the city of KL. Some drivers will not pick you up if they don't want to go to certain areas during peak hours or not in their directions. The worst part is overcharging tourists (and locals too). This is very common and it happens especially in areas full of tourists, particularly outside bars, shopping centres and hotels. Taxis are supposed, REQUIRED by law to run on meters but MANY of them refused to use their meters and fares are negotiated up front.

I feel the responsibility to REMIND tourists (or locals too) in KL, do watch out and don't get cheated by those bad taxi drivers! They have no authority to charge you if their meter is not turned on. Find a driver who will use the meter. Of course, as anywhere else, there will be some bad "apples". Certainly not all. There are some good taxi drivers out there who are very pleasant and accommodating. Give your business to the honest one rather than forcing the dishonest one to play the rules.

I am sure many people here have negative experiences with some taxi drivers. I have heard a lot. People have been cheated and ripped off. But, sadly, it is common as people won't usually make a fuss about that.


(Click to enlarge). *I saw this in 1 Utama.* Now you tell me, how to make a complaint to LPKP?

Has anyone actually tried to take down the registration number of the taxi, note the time, date and place, register your complaint and to get their licence revoked?

Get your pen out next time when you are hailing a taxi.

I wish something can be done to curb this issue.

Government, please do something on this! By the way, do they know what is going on?


Anonymous said... @ 26/2/08 7:16 PM

kita dah buat report..tapi still sama je..no action..so suka tak suka kena pakai juga mereka punya servis.. :(

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