Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I laid my head on Ralph's lap and forced myself to sleep fell asleep while David was driving. Suddenly, Ralph asked me to wake up. I thought we had reached home. When I opened my eyes, I saw a police officer standing beside the car, asking David for his driving license. I looked around and asked, "Where are we now?" I saw a few cars near the roadside. Ralph said, "On the way back. There is a roadblock. They just want to check the road tax." I felt like wanted to vomit. Wai Hong who sat next to David said he felt like wanted to vomit too! Ralph said he couldn't close his eyes at all. It was almost 4am. *12 hours ago* after got the license back, I dozed off until we reached home SAFE AND SOUND!


Anonymous said... @ 20/3/08 7:06 AM

eh, mana pegi sampai mabuk? did u guys have fun?


Monica said... @ 21/3/08 12:19 PM

no mabuk! anyway, will post about that later..

Unknown said... @ 23/3/08 11:41 AM


Monica said... @ 23/3/08 3:18 PM

this will be the last time, hopefully!

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