Monday, March 03, 2008

Yesterday, Youki and Masako invited us (Andrei, Katya, Antonia, Shirley, Ralph and I) for lunch at their place in Bandar Utama.

Both of them with the welcome note. So sweet!

The moment we entered their condo, we noticed a huge and lonely bear. Everybody loves the bear!

Nice view from the balcony.

WHOA!! The whole table was full of food.

I like una-don (grilled eel).

Salad prepared by Andrei and Katya.

We brought Aussie pizza from Pizza Uno.

Masako and Youki prepared nihonshu or sake, green tea and beer.

Andrei, Katya and I.

Ralph and his student, Shirley from China.

Shirley and her boyfriend, Antonia from Greece.

Youki was showing us how to make Temakizushi (hand-rolled sushi).

After lunch, they showed us the way to make Makizushi (rolled sushi) with a makisu (bamboo sushi mat). Maki means rolling in Japanese.

I called them "flower" sushi rolls. Awesome!!

I love the Brownies Walnut from Secret Recipe brought by Antonia and Shirley.

We ate. We chatted. We watched Youki and Masako wedding video in Tokyo Disneyland. We played boxing, bowling, tennis and golf.

Andrei and Ralph were playing boxing on Nintendo Wii. It was pretty funny and ridiculously enjoyable.

Bravia LCD TV, designed by Youki.

Say Cheese...

We just love the bear.

Before we went back, Youki and Masaka gave mybb something in a paper bag. They bought Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts from Yokohama, Japan for the two of us!!! *big grin*

I actually like to collect Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts from different countries.

Kore Daisuki Desu. Domo Arigato!!!


anttyk said... @ 4/3/08 12:14 PM

Looks like you guys had lots of fun...

ZB said... @ 4/3/08 5:04 PM

wow! so much food!!! i want also!!!

~ Thai Boxing Girl ~ said... @ 4/3/08 5:21 PM

dude, where to get the Wii?? Can ask them to help get ar? I'll pay cash!!! or they wanna sell 2nd hand??

heheh someday come to real boxing studio to spar lah!!!!

anyway, do participate in this SpeedZone contest in my blog and you could win free tickets to the party, and we have Wii games there too!!! can RACE with the red team!!!

Monica said... @ 4/3/08 8:20 PM

Indeed ;-)

I should ask you to come! We couldn't finish it obviously.

~thai boxing girl~,
I'm not sure where they bought it from. I'll ask them okay :-)

Btw, nice blog you have there and I will visit it again!

~ Thai Boxing Girl ~ said... @ 5/3/08 11:04 AM

monica: thanks for the compliment and yes please please please help me ask!!! i can so do with a wii in my life now

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