Sunday, March 23, 2008

Last Wednesday night, we went to a place called Niu Che Shui in Singapore's Chinatown Kelana Jaya. It was our first time there. Along the way, there were banners hanging from the lampposts. Or else, it was kinda hard to find the place. After passed through a tunnel and residential areas, it's actually located opposite of a Condo.

Here you'll find all sorts of stuff such as clothes, shoes, accessories, handbags, wallets, toys, gadgets, watches, souvenirs...but there are not many eateries, yet.

The entrance.

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee.

Starbucks. It has 2 floors.

David was choosing a wallet after he bought himself a Zippo lighter.


A cafe where alcohol is served.

Ka Fei Tiam. Stairs up to the second floor. I like the design.

Still have plenty of empty stores.

David and mybb.

Niu Che Shui is just like Petaling Street or known as KL's Chinatown, a place for you to get some goods at bargain prices but no jostling crowd, just a low buzz of voices.

*Niu Che Shui, literally means "ox-cart water" or Kreta Ayer in Malay.


Angie R said... @ 24/3/08 5:46 AM

This entry makes me homesick already. I used to work in KL.

Best, angie

p/s: Hollandes sauce is an egg based sauce made with butter and lemon juice. It goes v. well with asparagus.

Rose world said... @ 24/3/08 9:00 AM

Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

You have awesome blog yourself! The pic especially Big Apple remind me of their donuts! I have them last year when drop by KL. No Big Apple in Kuching yet!

Monica said... @ 25/3/08 12:21 AM

opps..try to appreciate and enjoy the life there okay ;-) Thanks for the info too!

Thanks for your compliment!
They should open one there since a lot people are dying for their donuts :-D

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