Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My siblings initially wanted to have dinner with us at Tony Roma's, The Curve last Saturday but it was at full capacity. So, by the time they called us back (after 30 mins), we were already happily sat inside the almost full house Italiannies.

The restaurant’s concept of sharing is great. Just take as many friends as you can and share the ample portions.

For starters, we were served Ciabatta (Italian white bread) with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

The service was good. A young waiter who took our order advised us honestly when he thought we had ordered too much. So when the waiter said that, we decided to cancel 3 dishes! I have forgotten that Italiannies serves HUGE portions of food. During the last visit, mybb and I couldn't even finish the food we ordered!

Café Macchiato (RM 5.80) - An Italian beverage served in a tiny coffee cup and a cup of BOH Cameronian Gold Blend (RM5.80).

Iced Café Mocha (RM 7.90) - I love the strong chocolate taste!

Cranberry Juice.


Roasted Chicken Italiannies (RM 38.90) - with sliced roasted peppers, sliced pepperoncini and rosemary potatoes in tangy pan wine gravy sauce.

Lasagna A La Ravina (RM 24.90) - You will like it if you love creamy cheese sauce, rich meatsauce and marinara sauce with melted mozzarella cheese.

Spaghetti & Meatballs (RM 30.90) - Two HUGE homemade seasoned beef meatballs, served with marinara sauce.

Melissa and Edward.

burp.... We were all over bloated after three dishes!!! But, the Tiramisu looked yummy. Strawberry Cheesecake looked appetising. Of course, we didn't order both due to the HUGE portions.

Tiramisu (RM 16.90) - dipped in liqueur and espresso coffee with layers of creamy mascarpone icing, topped with dark chocolate powder. I still prefer without the liquor taste.

After dinner, we wanted to a watch movie but none of the movies were actually attracted us.

Ended up, we went to Halo Heaven Cafe. They have live performances from 8pm to 12pm every evening.

According to the menu, Heaven offers happy hour rates all day till 8pm on non-alcoholic beverages too.

The Mocha here was a bit ... argh! tasteless.

THEIR Final Word: Laid back and casual, it's an ideal place to hang with friends whether it's for a meal, to catch up, or on a lookout for a Candy Lo sound-alike!

Happy belated birthday, again!


Anonymous said... @ 13/3/08 6:46 AM

I lurrveee tiramisu!! The next time I go KL, must check out the place to makan.. he he

Anonymous said... @ 13/3/08 8:35 AM

Hey Ralph's Baybee,

Food served at the Italian joint looks good, will go there soon. BTW, u been to Alexis b4? Cool place, good food, wines and ambience. Don't forget to try their tiramisu.


Monica said... @ 13/3/08 2:08 PM

Sure! *wink*

Let's go! when? when?

Anonymous said... @ 14/3/08 8:46 AM


Seriously wanna go Alexis ah? We still have Argie grill & Mojo to goto... Maybe once I get better, still feeling sick la =(

Phone contact...


Anonymous said... @ 14/3/08 11:38 AM

I got you flers a headstart on where to go next, refer to this url la:


from now on no one can complain got no place to goto=P


Anonymous said... @ 14/3/08 11:41 AM

ahahahaha... referring to my last komen, i didnt know you already have it in your blog la, sorry la.

anyway when you guys going to try out something on promo for march?


Monica said... @ 14/3/08 6:36 PM

Get well soon so that we can go makan-makan together! What about 19th March? sounds good eh?!

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