Thursday, April 24, 2008

I received this mail again from another caring friend today. Apparently, he doesn't know that this mail (still in circulation) is a HOAX!

--Forwarded Message Attachment--
Subject: Pleeeeeeeeeeeez Read this & Forward

Dear Reader,

I am writing this on behalf of my loving husband.
Everything was fine, me, my husband and our two children. We had a happy family. My husband was an Engineer in a big company. He comes home early and helps me with the house chores and plays with the children. Our dreams were shattered in front of our eyes last week. It was a drunk lorry driver, who came on the wrong side and hit us and went. It killed my little baby girl and left my husband paralyzed. My husband is still in the hospital.. His
brain is damaged and he needs an operation. I need 5 lakhs to save his life I have collected about 3 lahks from my friends and family. I need another 2
lakhs.I don't want to lose him. He is such a wonderful husband & father

He still doesn't know we lost our little girl. I am looking after my son now. Without my husband I won't be able to take care of him. Please help me
save my husband the one person I dearly love. I have already lost my daughter and I don't want to lose my husband as well. Please help us.
Thank you very much for your love & support.
May God bless you.

Yours Truly,
Nirosha Silva
(I know you don't like to forward mails. I am really sorry to bother you.
If you have a heart and like to help a family, please forward this mail.
Every time you forward this it will add 5 cents per email ID to AOL and they will deposit it into my bank account. This will help me save my


Please do not forward this email any further. If you want to donate money, contact the organization directly!


Nightwing said... @ 24/4/08 3:15 PM

Thanks for the info.

Monica said... @ 24/4/08 8:37 PM

You're welcome! ;-)

Don't feel bad. That's how they make their money. Just remember, DO NOT circulate. :-)

Lee said... @ 25/4/08 10:31 AM

Hi Monica, just ignore it. Lots of these circulating around the world.
I strongly advise you next timedon't open any emails you don't recognise, might contain keylogging spies or viruses.
By the way, sorry I missed out your name in my present post as I was including the ones from wayyyy back only.
But keep an eye on my next post, assure you, YOU will be in this time and Monica, I'm going to surprise you, big time, ahemm, ha ha. Will post in few days. Still in planning stage, you keep well, Lee.

Monica said... @ 25/4/08 11:44 AM

Hi. What?! IT'S ALRIGHT!!! Don't say, 'sorry' U.Lee!!! I love reading your blog. Those nice songs, those great posts, keep it up! ;-) can't wait for your next post too..hahaha

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