Saturday, April 05, 2008

Cleo magazine has shortlisted 50 men in its annual search for Malaysia's most eligible bachelor.

Hmmm... I was wondering where have all the hunky, sexy and available men gone?


Anonymous said... @ 6/4/08 6:27 AM

Simple answer...The Real hunky,sexy, available men do not want to be placed in the same pages with those douchebags u see in Cleo.

Monica said... @ 6/4/08 5:04 PM


Anonymous said... @ 6/4/08 10:37 PM

either that, or they don't have the balls to do it. =)

some of us do.

kennysia said... @ 7/4/08 1:02 AM

They have pretty much either got married or turned gay. That's why people like me have a chance. Haha.

Rozella said... @ 7/4/08 2:57 PM

Hehe I would have to agree with Anonymous! :P

Monica said... @ 8/4/08 9:24 AM

Really? Good luck to you then :-D

haha..anyway, thanks for dropping by ;-)

Anonymous said... @ 2/6/08 9:34 PM

pity u gurls... ramzan.. is a gay.. ex mAs crew..

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