Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Writers Blog Till They Drop. A prolific blogger on technology subjects, Russell Shaw, died at 60 of a heart attack. Just months after a rival, another tech blogger, Marc Orchant, died at 50 of a massive coronary.

According to a New York Times report based on this, the vocation of "blogging" is taking a toll on bloggers' health. With emerging money-making trends, even amateur bloggers aren't far from the hazardous loop of blogging. To explain the ill-effects of blogging, the report describes blogging as burdensome. It continues with saying that the Internet is like a non-stop work place; in order to keep up with the latest blog entries, bloggers undergo mental and physical fatigue. The pressure increases when bloggers get remunerated per article. The yearning to hog as much online space with words could result in long hours in front of a computer screen. The flexibility that comes with blogging anywhere anytime brings along sleep disorders and high-stress levels for many.

Well, I think it can be a health risk for sure if you do not balance your life and spend most of your time online. Is blogging too stressful for you? If yes, GET UP OFF YOUR BUM, TAKE A BREAK and do not blog yourself to death! Of course, a blogger "small potato" like me don't find it stressful, yet.


Anonymous said... @ 9/4/08 8:19 PM

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Angie R said... @ 9/4/08 11:22 PM

You're not a small potato at all. Just look at the visitors to your blog - they're all over the world!
I like your blog....


Lee said... @ 10/4/08 3:23 AM

Hi Monica, I guess your posting here is for those who now blog for money, and once receiving a cheque, they get caught with it and do more.
Some bloggers I visited have up to 7 Blog pages, tengok pun mabuk...
But these advertisers don't give you money for nothing, they not even interested what bloggers post...they have cookies in the advertisments, and these cookies spread into other bloggers blogs the moment we klik in. One time I did a lot of blog hopping, and later found I had 75 plus cookies hiding in my computer. So I traced them and found it came from certain blogger's blogs.
As well, some blog almost daily...Holy Smoke, ha ha. Guess they must be very free at work or home.
Me? I blog or post strictly for fun and making well strictly no making money adverts in my to keep my blog neat.
I believe just have fun, thats all...i my case, I get to meet a lovely girl from Sabah, Tawau, YOU, ha ha.
You stay eaay, Monica and have a nice day, Lee.

Lee said... @ 10/4/08 3:40 AM

Hi Monica, I forgot...I scrolled down your blog and Holy Smoke! You sure look beautiful in that blue dress!
Looks like you about 5'4"? Bet you have a long list of boyfriends, huh? Ha ha. UL.

Monica said... @ 10/4/08 10:48 AM

Thanks for popping in!

I like your blog too; esp those beautiful pictures :-)

I want to blog for money too.. haha..but I do not have the time and also do not know how to do it yet. Anyway, it's fun for me too, to get to know more readers and fellow bloggers from all over the world. One of them is definitely U.Lee!! :-D

Wah, you are right! That's my height. BUT, I don't have/want a long list of boyfriends, now. Like you said, "tengok pun mabuk..." ;-D

Nightwing said... @ 10/4/08 11:05 AM

Ya..u r not small potato...u just know how to balance it...:)

anttyk said... @ 10/4/08 1:53 PM

Currently, I'm addicted to Facebook and my pet dragon...


Nick Phillips said... @ 10/4/08 5:33 PM

Geez, I gotta remember to pull myself away from my blog once in a while ... LOL!

Monica said... @ 10/4/08 5:44 PM

I know how to balance it at this moment. In the future, only GOD knows..hahaha..

I hardly "touch" my Facebook account. hehe.. Anyway, where can I get a pet tiger? :-D

Nick Phillips,
Yes, keep it in mind! ;-)

zewt said... @ 12/4/08 11:54 AM

i think it's not blogging which killed them... it's blogging at such an old age...

Monica said... @ 12/4/08 3:05 PM

:-D Anyway, thanks for dropping by!

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