Monday, April 21, 2008

We (10 of us) were on a fam trip to Genting Highlands last Thursday and Friday (17-18April). The 2 days 1 night educational tour was fully sponsored by the organisation.

Well, I have been to Genting Highlands many times but this time round, my main interest was to visit certain areas that are not accessible to everyone unless you are a very, very high roller or the VVIP or you have a special permission. We managed to go into the gaming suites for those players whereby they must have a minimum of RM2 million and RM10 million!

Basically the programme was intended to inspect all areas of the hotels in Genting Highlands. The schedule was pretty tight. I didn't bring the camera and regretted it! Anyway, just click on the links where you can find lots of nice pictures too.

The first day, We left KL at 9 a.m. to Awana Golf & Country Resort. After we have done with the facilities, rooms, recreations and meeting rooms inspection, we had buffet lunch at Rajawali Restaurant. Oh, we entered the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong's luxury suite too!

After lunch, we took the Skyway up to Genting Highlands. We checked in at Theme Park Hotel (Superior room) before continuing to-do-what-we-were-supposed-to-do at Theme Park Hotel, Genting Hotel and Highlands Hotel. In Genting Hotel, we have a chance to visit Maxims Club. The Suites and Residences are for those who aim for exclusivity with top notch services. Certainly for those who are wealthy rich only. The suites are really nice and be prepared to spend a bundle of cash if you want to stay there. Look at the rates. A Royal Suite can cost up to RM35,000! Moved to Highlands Hotel, apart from high-grade rooms at Premier Club Floor (we were told that, the PM and other ministers normally stay here), they have a luxury gaming suite rooms called Elite Club for Platinum (a level ahead of Gold card) player only unlike the Casino for public which is always crowded. Here, the table limit is RM 1K, minimum. Maximum up to RM 500K.

Before dinner, we explored exhibits featuring Gems of The World. We saw all kinds of mystical gemstones. Inside, there is a Crystal Cave which resembles a dark limestone tunnel lined with hidden gems, recreating the anticipation of discovery. A Museum Display priceless wonders such as a silky brown gypsum piece known as the desert rose and the rock-and-pyrite 'Argus Stone' with its curious peacock's eye design. There is a room with truly one-of-a-kind gemstones. That is Tan Sri Dato' Sri Lim Kok Thay's Private Collection! The most amazing one is a mysterious, pale green 3-tonne orb (belongs to a Malaysian Chinese man) with unusual textures below its surface in the Room of Light.

Buffet dinner was at Coffee Terrace, Genting Hotel. I was spoiled for choice with the glorious spread of food (local and international cuisine) here. Love it!

Then we proceeded to The Pavilion for Dreamz. A show not to be missed with dazzling magic combined with beautiful music, costumes and spectacular light effects. We were sitting in the third row from the stage. It costs RM130 per adult.

I was really exshausted by the end of the day!

The second day, we had buffet breakfast at First World Cafe before we went for room inspection at First World Hotel. Then we went to Starworld Casino which is opened 24 hours a day and seven days a week. There is live entertainment such as international shows are held regularly inside the casino.

Next, we visited M Spa & Fitness, located in Genting Hotel's Maxim Club, which is established for high rollers. The spa and gym, though, are open to guests and walk-in visitors. Indeed a nice place to relax and get pampered. Price-wise, sure it is not cheap.

After we have done with the room inspection at Resort Hotel, we had our buffet lunch at Resort Cafe. It offers an impressive array of Asian and Western buffet dishes amidst a relaxing atmosphere. They have à la carte as well.

After a heavy lunch, we have a tour of Outdoor and Indoor Genting Theme Park facilities. We ventured into caves with a Pirate Train. We went for a thrilling ride on the Pirate Ship. gosh! I almost vomited! When comes to Space Shot, non of us wanted to play. I played this before, twice. And I told myself, that's it! Then, we hopped on the Spinner for a spin of our life but I didn't want to play The Flying Coaster. I was afraid I will "fly"!

We departed for home around 6 p.m. I was dead tired. The only thing on my mind was my bed!


Nightwing said... @ 22/4/08 2:16 PM

Only being to Genting the food and the karaoke room. One of the best i have been to.

Did not get to gamble ..cause many people.

Did play slot machine...won a bit but in the end...gave it back again..:)

Anonymous said... @ 22/4/08 10:13 PM

wah so nice.. enjoynya.. hehe I've been to Genting once only.. hehe

Monica said... @ 23/4/08 12:41 AM

The only place that I don't like to enter is the casino because it's too crowded!!

You should study and find a looser slot machine :-D

Hi, plan a vacation with your family here next time ;-)

Anonymous said... @ 23/4/08 9:42 AM


wtf is it called a farm trip? got cows loose in the casinos ah?=D

Anyway, did you reach the emerald rooms & the other adj ones below the international room? I'v been there for a competition once, resemblance like one of those hongkie movie la.. so dinner date bilala? we go for pork at Ronnie's on a weekday night?


Monica said... @ 24/4/08 12:22 AM

Not only cows but.. :-D
You took part in the baccarat competition?

Saturday night, ok?

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