Wednesday, April 23, 2008

For the lazy or uncreative person like me, I would always opt for ready-to-go cards. But for mybf, he loves paper crafts. I guess most of the educators love arts or crafts?

Before Ralph went to Langkawi with his students (I was at GH), he made a simple and lovely hand-made card to brighten my days during his absence.

Sometimes, he can be so free sweet!


Nightwing said... @ 24/4/08 3:16 PM cool is that?

Thanks for sharing this...:)

Anonymous said... @ 24/4/08 4:28 PM

Hehe! You are right about educators who like to come up with their own stuffs. LOL!

Way to go Ralph! Nice one!

Nick Phillips said... @ 24/4/08 4:31 PM

Awww, isn't that sweet of him ...

Monica said... @ 24/4/08 8:49 PM

I was surprised too :-D

Yeah, both of you have a lot in common! hahaha...

Nick Phillips,
Sometimes. ;-)

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