Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I was kinda surprised by the elimination.

Jay, who has the quality. Voted out!

Nadia, who joined the show with a strong determination to win. Voted out!

Ringo, who has a large fan base. Voted out! Probably her fans are not as strong as Cindy's dad.

The final three,


Cindy Tey.

Hanis Zalikha.

The Grand Finale will be held at One Utama this evening.

Who would be the first Malaysian Dreamgirl?


Cindy Tey?

Hanis Zalikha?

I hope I'm not going to be shocked by the result Hanis Zalikha wins!!


Nightwing said... @ 29/4/08 6:44 PM

Hope the one u choose will win..:)

So what will they do if they win the competition?

Monica said... @ 29/4/08 11:28 PM

The winner will drive away a Nissan Latio 1.8Ti.

Lee said... @ 30/4/08 4:04 AM

Hi Monica, my bet is on Hanis. She's gorgeous.
By the way, what is this contest? Beauty contest?
How come you did not participate? You sure can give everyone a good fight, *wink*.
Have a nice day, Monica, Lee.

Simon Seow said... @ 30/4/08 6:30 AM

Hanis is 2nd Runner-up T_T

Monica said... @ 30/4/08 9:35 AM

Hi! This is an online model search reality show. Unfortunately, Hanis is not the winner :-(
me? You must be kidding, U.Lee!!! I'm too old for that..hahaha...
Have a nice day too!

Argh! disappointed!

Rozella said... @ 30/4/08 9:06 PM

You know, I actually haven't heard of this show until I read about it on your blog. Hehehe That shows how out of it I am.

Oh ya btw, added you to my blog roll. Hope you don't mind :)

Monica said... @ 1/5/08 1:15 AM

No you are not outdated. In fact, I just watched it for fun!:-D

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. Of course, I don't mind. Thank you!!! ;-)

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