Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I came across this site while googling for the results last night as I did not go to One Utama for the Grand Finale.

Winner - Cindy Tey

1st Runner-Up - Adeline

2nd Runner-Up - Hanis Zalikha


Anonymous said... @ 1/5/08 5:54 PM

Hey Monica. What a surprise. I was searching for Malaysian Dreamgril and it lead me to your blog. I tot i seen this lady in the picture b4 on my friendster. If i have not seen your pic in friendster b4, i'm sure i didnt recognize you at all after all this years.

Monica said... @ 1/5/08 7:39 PM

Hi! I am so sorry, PLEASE refresh my memory. Anyway, I'll check my friendster sorry!!

Anonymous said... @ 2/5/08 8:14 PM's been long time. We used to be classmate in form 6.

Monica said... @ 2/5/08 8:24 PM

Oh I can remember the sweet Irene!!! Thanks for dropping by ;-)

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