Thursday, April 03, 2008

Episode 7 & 8

Some of the current finalists were mad at Ringo for the post that she wrote on her blog before she was joined into the cast.

They have a make up challenge with the theme "Academy Award" like the Oscars.

Most of the girls think Cindy is being fake and annoying.

Hello daddy, I'm cring for myself because I thought I was going to be kicked out... The first Indian girl that... After she got kicked out, they think that I should be one that got kicked out... Now, none of them wants to talk to me... That Malay girl pulled the plug... I was so scared... I just can't get along with any of them...

Oh gosh!

My favourite one, Valerie was eliminated!? Well, at least she has the opportunity to experience the life of a model.

The theme of this week's photoshoot is "Soft, Happy and Lively". I like to see the girls with all-white outfit!

All datin datin, jump! laugh! more! give more! yes! yes!

Jay: "My smile was too big."

Nadia: "A lot of smile. A lot of like open mouth..."

Ringo: "I would prefer to be alone."

Hanis: "Hug pun memang very warm macam tu."

Adeline: "I think I look much more sweet on today."

Cindy: "I just be myself."

Eyna: "Dia orang tak pernah tengok I macam gelak kah laughing kah macam itu kan, so I try to laugh at the camera."

Fiqa: "I'm versatile. I'm not that shy anymore."

Me: "Wardrobe by Bebe, I LOVE IT!!!"


Unknown said... @ 4/4/08 5:09 AM

This seems like American Top model contest isn't it?I like those pictures.Look so fresh and lively.Overall all girls are pretty :)
Thanks for popping by my humble blog.:)

Monica said... @ 4/4/08 10:12 PM

Yes, it is an online reality show which aims to find the next top model in Malaysia. Thanks for dropping by too ;-)

Purple~MushRooM said... @ 8/4/08 9:14 PM

I watched one single episode only and I think its so blardy lame! If not because of Cindy Teh, I will not bother to see who gets eliminated. Not because I hate her, but I like reading her blog. I think she is actually a nice girl la, just that for each reality show, they must have someone controversial to spice up the show.

Monica said... @ 9/4/08 9:21 AM

Indeed, it is super lame!! Cindy is pretty and hot. Probably just because of she couldn't mix around with other girls. Anyway, thanks for dropping by.

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