Friday, May 23, 2008

We (4 of us) went for brunch at this restaurant in USJ 9, Taipan on Wesak Day and we will NOT return again!

The food was "OK", nothing special. Each of us ordered a bowl of noodles with fish balls, fried fish cakes, fried tofu, 3 not-so-big pieces of fish and 4 drinks. The iced white coffee was nice.

That's the piece of sh*t fish at the far right!

We had extremely simple orders, but the bill came up to a whopping RM 95.75!!!!!! It was much more than we had expected.

Ralph asked the cashier, "Are you sure that's my bill?" *pointed at our table*

"Yes. RM 54.00 for 3 pieces of fish." *almost fainted*

Don't you think it was terribly overpriced for a so-so meal? We wouldn't mind paying for the all-out tasting food, but definitely not the food in Ah Koong Eating House!


Anonymous said... @ 23/5/08 9:05 PM

So expensive!!!!

Monica said... @ 23/5/08 9:18 PM


Lee said... @ 25/5/08 10:07 AM

Hi Monica, Holy Smoke! You guys ordered Gold fish?
Ha ha. Looks like when I return have to bring a sackful of money, ha ha.
Monica, pop over my place, have a surprise for you, Lee.

molly said... @ 25/5/08 2:22 PM

Hi Monica, My house is just nearby, next time drop by ok? I was CONNED the same shop few years back.

Monica said... @ 25/5/08 4:21 PM

Hi!!! yeah, maybe I ate a gold fish..hahaha...
Hey, what a surprise huh.. hehe.. nice picture too! ;-)

Oh, you are staying there! But, I am not sure how to get there. My friend drove us out the other day..:-D

Rozella said... @ 25/5/08 7:28 PM

OMG! That is crazy expensive and the food is so simple lah. Teruknya!

Monica said... @ 25/5/08 10:31 PM

That's why lah. Anyway, we will not eat there again!

Nick Phillips said... @ 26/5/08 4:22 PM

I've eaten at this place before and yes, they do serve pretty crap food and not to mention expensive too ...

Simon Seow said... @ 26/5/08 11:47 PM

It's more like the Slaughter House than Ah Koong Eating House.

Monica said... @ 27/5/08 12:41 AM

It's a major rip-off :-D


Nightwing said... @ 27/5/08 7:59 AM

Thank you for sharing this.

If it was me, will also not go there anymore.

Simply charge.

Monica said... @ 27/5/08 1:04 PM

Luckily you have not yet been there ;-)

Rozella said... @ 28/5/08 2:56 PM

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Try it k and let me know if you you don't understand anything. Hope to see some assignments on your blog soon!! :)

Monica said... @ 28/5/08 5:03 PM

Thank you so much my dear *muah*
I'll try and let you know...

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