Thursday, May 22, 2008

Well, Father's Day is just around the corner and again, I asked myself, "What should I buy for the extraordinary man in my life, who loved me without condition?" Last year, I flew back home just to celebrate with him. Unfortunately, this year I can't make it but I have decided to get him a present that can be delivered right to his doorstep. So, I went to the shopping center looking for a perfect gift. Basically, he has everything. Yet, who doesn't love surprises? But after one whole day of hunting, I came home empty handed! *sigh* The crowds, the queues, the traffic... argh!

Alternate plan, without having to leave the comfort of my home, sat in front of the computer screen with a cuppa coffee on a typical day, I tried to enjoy my shopping experience on the Internet. Oh, I promise not to buy shirts and shoes this year. I think I might get a gift basket fill with some little items, along with a coupon for him to come and see his beloved daughter.

Of course, the discounts are also important for me. Since I am going to get a present, at the same time, I'm looking for some clothes to decorate my closet too. *evil grin*


Anonymous said... @ 23/5/08 5:44 AM

My brother makes hand made pens that might be perfect for your dad. You can check out his site at

molly said... @ 23/5/08 1:06 PM

Hi Monica, I suggest you buy him a pair of new sunglasses to protect his eyes or a nice hat or MP3 or massage chair or air purifier or..... Not busy body, just trying to help!

Nick Phillips said... @ 23/5/08 3:50 PM

Man, I wish my kids would get me a nice Ferrari or something. I suppose a nice power tool would also do ... LOL!

I'm sure whatever you give your dad, he'll be happy with it :) Happy weekend Monica.

Monica said... @ 23/5/08 5:19 PM

Andrea Goulet,
Thanks! I'll check out his site soon! :-)

Those are unique items! I appreciate your suggestions ;-)

wah, Ferrari! hahaha..Anyway, don't worry, kids grow up fast. You never know, one day you might own a Ferrari!!

Enjoy your weekend too ;-)

Nightwing said... @ 23/5/08 5:36 PM

Me too...also do not know what to get my dad...:(

Still have a abt a month to figure it out.

Last year i bought a book.

Monica said... @ 23/5/08 7:53 PM

hahaha...same here! To get a book is also not bad :-D

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