Friday, May 02, 2008

Steven and his wife brought us to this upscale Indian eatery that serves up the usual range of nasi kandar styled curry spreads in Jalan Ipoh, KL for lunch yesterday.

Sentul Curry House Restaurant (beside Crystal Palm Seafood Restaurant).

Fish head curry in a giant wok.

Giant prawns and crabs.

Fried chicken and fish.

The restaurant is clean and the service is not bad.

We reached there around 3 p.m., still it was quite crowded.

Fish head curry, the restaurant's signature dish. I have never seen such a big fish head with two golf ball-sized eyes before! Surprisingly not only full of succulent meat but also incredibly fresh! However, the curry was a bit hot for me. If you love hot and spicy curry, then you will definitely love this.

This is Steven with their dog (before we left their house for lunch).

What a beautiful dog, yet I am very afraid of dogs!


Nightwing said... @ 2/5/08 4:43 PM

So cute the dog...:)

Thanks for sharing the curry thingy....if i was there eating...probably will have 2 plates of rice....:)

Monica said... @ 2/5/08 6:33 PM

They (the guys) ate 2 plates of rice too :-D

Anonymous said... @ 2/5/08 8:11 PM

Oh my...all your Malaysia food post really make me miss Malaysia. I'm drooling all over..hahaha

Monica said... @ 2/5/08 8:25 PM

hahaha...btw, where are you now?

Anonymous said... @ 2/5/08 8:44 PM

Bergen, Norway dear...

Rozella said... @ 2/5/08 8:53 PM

The food looks so great but so fattening lah! Hehehe How lah to lose weight in Msia when we're surrounded by all of this temptation everyday! Haiyoh!

Monica said... @ 2/5/08 10:35 PM

IreneY, are in 'the city between the seven mountains'!

Indeed, very fattening! Anyway, eat first, think later ;-)

Nick Phillips said... @ 5/5/08 10:10 AM

Oh, I used to love this place. My buddy and me used to visit it quite frequently a few years back. I didn't know it was still in business. Must drop by one day :)

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