Friday, May 30, 2008

These are the movies that I have seen in last few days!

The Forbidden Kingdom. Well, at first I was a bit reluctant to watch this because it is a fantasy movie. I'm not really into too-much-flying-around-and-blow-people-away-with-a-breath kinda movies. But, Jackie Chan and Jet Li, together for the first time ever! How can I not watch the movie with two greatest living martial arts legends right? I enjoyed the fight sequences with some pretty decent humor. Oh, I was surprised. It is written and directed by Americans!

27 Dresses. Not as good as I thought it would be. This is a see-it-with-your-girlfriends kind of movie. Not with your boyfriend. He MIGHT fall asleep halfway.

Iron Man. We watched this movie after a wonderful lunch on one fine day. This is the best superhero movie I have ever seen. I'm sure you'll agree. If you haven't watched it yet, get your ass to the theatre!


Lee said... @ 31/5/08 8:05 PM

Hi Monica, wow, you a movie goer, huh? Me...past three years only seen, 'Memoirs of a Geisha, Last Samurai, Letters from Iwo Jima', and 'Flags of our fathers'...and yes, I love movies with Japan in it or Ken Watanabe. Saw 'Last Samurai' twice too, once alone, once with my wife after I motivated her to see Ken Watanabe. He sure has real good looks.

Oh ya, re my asking about 'Orang Ulu' language, I have a Sarawak ahemm, girlfriend's (just kidding) birthday on the 3rd June and thought I'll surprise her with her language in greetings.
I will give her a surprise in my blog that day. She's gorgeous too, *wink*.
I have always been facinated with Sarawak and its many peoples...and already have Iban, Bidayu, Kadazan friends and now an Orang Ulu or Kenyah lady.
I was fortunate to have travelled fairly often to Sarawak olddays, as well, ahem, even dated a lovely Bidayu maiden too.
My next trip balek kampong, I will go to Sarawak...already have a date prearranged, a moonlight walk on a beach in Miri, ha ha.
You have a nice day, Monica. Lee.

Rozella said... @ 31/5/08 10:14 PM

27 Dresses not so good? Hmm... I haven't watched it yet, but I had real high hopes for this one. I love Dr. Izzie!

molly said... @ 31/5/08 11:01 PM

Hi Monica, I was free this afternoon while waiting for my son at the shopping complex, should have gone for the show. Called my sister and friends, all have gone to see the show without me.

Ratu Syura said... @ 1/6/08 1:10 AM

I haven't watched 27 dresses cuz I heard it wasn't so good. I fell asleep during the last bit of 'The Forbidden Kingdom'.. hehe.. But I totally loved Iron Man!! Have you watched Drillbit Taylor? I enjoyed that one cuz it was very laid back and funny, but I dozed off a bit too!! Haha.. I dunno la what's happening to me..

Monica said... @ 1/6/08 1:27 AM

Hi! hahaha..more than that actually! oh yes, Ken Watanabe was featured in People Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People" few yrs ago! have a gf in Sarawak huh ;-) but I'm sorry U.Lee. I can't speak their language. I asked my bf coz he's a Sarawakian but he can speak Melanau only.

So, when are you going to Sabah? hahaha..just kidding!!!:-D

Rozella,'s good for some entertaining silliness :-D

Why didn't call me? ;-) I was watching a movie at Cineleisure Damansara this afternoon.

Ratu Syura, fell asleep most of the time cute la you! I haven't watched Drillbit Taylor yet. If it's a comedy film, I'll love it!

Unknown said... @ 1/6/08 12:07 PM

I watched some parts of 'The Forbidden Kingdom' Quite bored... Perhaps the old singers is running out of ideas already. Anyway, I prefer Jet Lee and Jacky to film Canotese movie

Nightwing said... @ 1/6/08 3:12 PM

Not bad 2 out of 3 movies i have watched.

Have not seen Iron Man....but will sure want to watch it.

Monica said... @ 1/6/08 9:29 PM

ya, some parts are quite boring!!!

I'm sure you'll like Iron Man too ;-)

Anonymous said... @ 2/6/08 8:08 AM

hey did you guys see Street Kings? Superb movie la... And the best scene from the Forbidden Kingdoms? I'd say it's the temple scene where they spar for the staff. So when watching Indie?


Monica said... @ 2/6/08 9:22 AM

Street Kings, not yet. Indie, sudah!!! :-D

Anonymous said... @ 19/6/08 11:09 PM

You may watch the latest movies online :)

Monica said... @ 20/6/08 7:51 AM

oh really? Thanks!!! ;-)

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