Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Let's go for a drink!" I suggested. For that reason, we ended up here! We have been here a few times but mostly during the night.

A Little Dim Sum Place in SS2.

Small yet very clean restaurant.

Honeydew Snow (RM5.80). Sweet but not overwhelming.

Herbal Jelly Mint Frostee (RM4.80). My favorite yummy scent!

I couldn't eat another bite after a heavy lunch at Steven's place. However, Ralph had,

Prawn Dumplings (RM5.00)

Shiu Mai with the topping of fish roe (RM3.80)

Sharkfin Dumplings (RM3.90)

Overall, the light dishes were fresh and decent enough according to him.

"Always drink chinese tea when eating dim sum."

But, he had his dim sum with Honeydew Snow?!


Nick Phillips said... @ 15/5/08 4:29 PM

I haven't really been to SS2 in ages that I forgot what it looks like ... LOL!

I used to tapau mixed rice there in one of those restaurants opposite KFC all those years ago when I was studying around that area. Must go visit the place again one day ... I know the restaurant is still there, at least I think it is ... hehehe ...

Nightwing said... @ 15/5/08 6:52 PM

Thanks for sharing this. Might pop in there if i visit KL..:)

Monica said... @ 15/5/08 9:46 PM

Yes, the restaurant that opposite KFC is still here! and the mixed rice stall too :-D

No problem.
Have it a try.. ;-)

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