Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It was Mother's day. We went to Big Apple Donuts & Coffee at The Curve to get one dozen doughnuts for Steven and his wife who invited us for lunch at their house in Bandar Utama. Well, his wife indeed is a great cook! She can cook practically anything.

She prepared chicken chop served with homemade gravy, french fries, egg, sausages and prawns on each plate.


Chicken curry.

French fries and potato wedges.

She even baked curry puffs! It's NOT too thick, too spicy, too wet or too dry. Just perfect!

A BIG curry puff for us to bring home!


Their Yorkshire Terrier was waiting to go out for grooming. So, after lunch we went to a pet shop at Aman Suria Damansara.

Regularly groomed by this certified groomer.

This dog doesn't bark at all (about an hour) while being groomed! So strange.

Doggy clothes.

Football jerseys for dogs.

IF I have a poodle, I would love to dye her hair pink!

Don't worry, it will never happen.


Nick Phillips said... @ 14/5/08 2:00 PM

Oh man, my mouth is watering like crazy from the picture of that chicken curry. Ever since I've been on this diet, I haven't eaten chicken curry or rice for ages ... aargggghhhh!!! The food looks lovely :)

Anonymous said... @ 14/5/08 7:36 PM

woww.. so sedap all the food!!

btw, Got tag for you ya

Monica said... @ 14/5/08 7:49 PM

hahaha...oopps!!! ;-)

Indeed! :-D

Thanks, will check it out soon!

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