Friday, May 30, 2008

Who will be crowned "Real Woman Behind the Beauty"?

Picture taken from here and I saw a familiar face!

UPDATED on 5/31/08
Utar student crowned Miss Malaysia Universe.

Miss Malaysia Universe 2008, Levy Li Su Lin.


Lee said... @ 30/5/08 3:03 AM

Hello Monica, how you doin'? First of all re your previous posting of 'website' are right, do your own research. Nowadays, there's a lot of scams going on, as well coming thru by email, etc.
Where emails are concerned, I delete, complete wipe off anyone, anything I don't recognised, or if no heading.
Quite often I delete my sisters too as they forget to put a heading title.
Anything I want to know I research from the internet, consumer's report, or well known mags...I took 6 months while saving my money same time researching on the best computer to buy, comparing, all on the market and finally decided on Apple Imac 24.
Re your Miss Universe pic, gosh! They all very pretty, but sad that Malaysia never comes up to even finalists. Pity. Thailand, apan, India, China has.
Hope this time Malaysia gets something...but very often its girls from South America, they very exotic looking.
By the way Monica, do you know Sarawak Orang Ulu language? Lee.

Monica said... @ 30/5/08 10:34 AM

Hi, I'm fine. TQ! Yeah, I'll be more careful on that.

Abt Miss Universe, maybe because of the girls who represented M'sia didn't prove to the world that they're more than just pretty faces. ;-)

Oh, Orang Ulu in Sarawak are made up of a few tribes..I wish I could speak their language :-D Why? you wanna learn?

Rozella said... @ 30/5/08 11:59 AM

It's Got what ya so secret secret? Hehehe

Monica said... @ 30/5/08 12:25 PM

Thanks! I've sent a love letter to you...hahaha..Just kidding!

Anonymous said... @ 2/6/08 2:56 PM

They are all pretty, but personally I love the contestant from Sarawak the most. Miss Valerie Chan. :)

Monica said... @ 2/6/08 7:20 PM

Yes, Valerie is hot!!! ;-)
Thanks for dropping by too

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