Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Did anyone watch the local Chinese drama series, Age of Glory? I usually don't go for drama series which set up the swinging '60s theme. I thought it was pretty bland and dull but after watching a few episodes, gosh! I was practically glued to the TV every Monday to Thursday at 9.45 pm!

The drama as a whole, was about the rise and fall of the Zhong Hua fun fair, a melting pot of culture where night turns into day and where people from all walks of life come for the colourful lights and music. There are blood, sweat and tears in Age Of Glory. Most of the characters created were based on genuine historical personalities. The businessman with triad links was based on a real-life figure from the 70s where the guy was imprisoned for corruption. And, wealthy upper-class men who fall for working class girls.

It stars Debbie Goh, my favourite actress! Oh, I just found out that she was the Miss Malaysia Chinese International in 1998 and she has been based in Hong Kong with numerous movies to her name.

The ending (last night) itself was good. It has the most heartbreaking end though.
phew! I watched all 40 episodes!?


molly said... @ 17/6/08 8:03 AM

Hi Monica, I watched the whole episode also. No bad, but a bit sad ya the ending part .... I cried a -little bit- only..

Monica said... @ 18/6/08 3:28 AM

ya I didn't expect it too!!!

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