Thursday, June 26, 2008

1: Your best friend introduces you to her boyfriend; he’s absolutely gorgeous. When your friend is out of the room he makes a pass at you. What do you do?

Smack his face, then tell my friend.

2: Out shopping you see a brilliant top that you must have, but on checking the price tag you discover that it’s been mistakenly marked down to half price. What do you do?

Buy several in different colours at the bargain price.

3: You are to sit for an important exam soon. Passing it will mean furthering your career. If someone approaches you, offering to sell the answers for RM100, what would you do?

Immediately report them to the authorities.

4: The ATM machine near your office is malfunctioning, spewing forth double the amount of money keyed in. Would you -

Ring up the bank and inform them.

5: There’s a rumour going around inyour workplace about a colleague. Though you know it’s untrue, you totally dislike her. What would you do?

Make sure whoever told me knows that the rumour is false.

6: In a supermarket you see a little old lady, who is obviously down on her luck, shoplifting a can of cat food. What do you do?

Walk past and say nothing, it’s none of my business.

7: If you were given the opportunity would you cheat on your partner?

Never, I find it impossible to be unfaithful.

8: Does your partner know how much you spend on yourself each month?

I have no secrets, he knows exactly what I spend.

9: A pretty necklace has been found at the place where you work and you remember a visiting customer wearing it. It is evident that she lost it, what do you do?

Track down the woman and delightedly tell her the necklace has been found.

10: You were too busy or simply forgot to buy your partner a Valentine’s Day card. But he receives an anonymous card anyway. What do you do?

Admit to him that I forgot to get a card.

What sort of person am I deep down? Am I likeable and loveable, or spiteful and sour? Am I naughty or nice?

Between 11-20

You are basically a very nice person, though sometimes you do give way to temptation. On these occasions it’s to your credit that you do struggle with your conscience, but find in the end your desires get the better of you. It’ s obviously not your intention to hurt anyone, but if you don’t change your way of thinking that is bound to happen soon. 13

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I'd have to say, I'm a bit of both; halal and haram niceness and naughtiness. Depends! Well, I have my naughty moments too. Trust me, you don't wanna know. LOL. After all, every nice person should be naughty sometimes. Am I right?


Anonymous said... @ 26/6/08 4:25 AM

hi monica! wishing you a happy thursday. take care.

Anonymous said... @ 26/6/08 4:29 AM

by the way, thanks for adding me, i've added you as well. see yah

Anonymous said... @ 26/6/08 5:00 AM

hehe, sorry about that. i've updated the link already. inaantok na ata ako hehe. ;)

Monica said... @ 26/6/08 5:04 AM

LOL. It's OK!!! You too, take care & have a nice day ;-)

Nick Phillips said... @ 26/6/08 8:30 AM

'4: The ATM machine near your office is malfunctioning, spewing forth double the amount of money keyed in. Would you -

Ring up the bank and inform them'

I'd take the money and run! LOL! That should put me in the running for the naughty list!

Monica said... @ 26/6/08 9:38 AM

LOL. You made me laugh..thanks for the early morning funny :-D

MisterZyl said... @ 26/6/08 12:24 PM

ATM double the amount?? I will never tell the bank..

Monica said... @ 26/6/08 5:42 PM

hahaha..but one day you might have to pay for it :-D

Rozella said... @ 26/6/08 10:03 PM

No one is 100% angelic. :P We all have a little devil in us!

Lee said... @ 26/6/08 10:06 PM

Hi Monica, wow, all tough questions, ha ha.
But I guess not all of us are Angels, especially me...I have broken a few rules myself too, but more with the opposite sex, ha ha.
No, you are not naughty, just a normal, warm person, so stay as you are and hold that smile, Lee.

Monica said... @ 26/6/08 11:28 PM


hahaha...same here! esp with the opposite sex :-D

Ratu Syura said... @ 27/6/08 4:36 AM

Since you're a very nice person, I'm sure you wouldn't mind doing this tag I have for you right? :P

I wonder what results I'd get if I did that quiz. I might be a bit naughty. I'm not so sure.. Hehe..

molly said... @ 27/6/08 10:56 AM

Hi Monica, You are a nice, soft spoken person yet firm in your way, friendly, pretty, honest ...........

Anonymous said... @ 27/6/08 4:42 PM

hi monica. just passing by. I think you are naughty ekekek

Monica said... @ 27/6/08 8:01 PM

Ratu Syura,
ahh you naughty girl! hahaha..
sure, no problem!! :-D

wow Molly..Ok, I'll buy you lunch! LOL...

Hello!! You think so?? hahaha..
Anyway, thanks for dropping by ;-)

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