Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Two days ago, I bumped into my old school mate. I almost couldn't recognize her. She looked different. We had a couple of drinks and she started to tell me a problem that was destructive to their marriage. She started eating a lot lately. She gained more weight and lost sexual desire due to her husband has erectile dysfunction. I felt sad upon hearing the story. After that, I browsed through the Internet, in fact, there are treatments available for both of these problems.

Nowadays, men took generic cialis for treating erectile dysfunction. With online pharmacy, they can buy generic cialis with lowest price or cialis generic online to avoid loss of sexual intimacy which can lead to loss of personal intimacy and conflict. For her, she may need to buy acomplia which can help her to loss weight.


Simon Seow said... @ 3/6/08 7:56 AM

As Confucious say it, "Eat is Colour Sex Also"


MisterZyl said... @ 3/6/08 2:48 PM

thats so sad.. :(

Ratu Syura said... @ 6/6/08 4:35 PM

Awww.. that really is sad. I hope your friend and her husband find a way to make things better..

Anonymous said... @ 7/6/08 2:35 PM

Hey you know what? I think your friend is a f***in poo-bear. Why doesn't she just spice up their life and work towards getting things back on track? When Chua Soi Lek can stand, so can a friggin dead bird. Tell her that, or bloody show her the clip and make sure she realizes that. Well, it could be possible that her hubby is having dead cells down under coz she a fat pig!! Instead of blaming her hubby for her fat arse, tell her to lose weight and think positive la...


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