Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I may not have the best car, the biggest house in the world, but I have so much to be grateful that I could never list it all.

:: I am grateful to have my beloved parents and siblings for their unconditional love.
:: I am grateful for being blessed with a caring and loving bf who is also my best friend.
:: I am grateful to have my wonderful friends, including blogger friends (without them I would be very lonely in the blogosphere) who brighten up my day with encouraging words.

Most of all,
:: I am grateful for God's countless blessings bestowed upon me. HE never fails to give me strength, guidance and knowledge that keep me on the right track.

There's always something to be grateful for about life, truly I am Blessed!


Unknown said... @ 19/6/08 12:07 AM

We live in this world is not because of ourselves, is because other's who is near us need us to be around.
No matter how nice you are dresses up, you will still need someone to tell you that you look gorgeous!

Anonymous said... @ 19/6/08 12:36 AM

Always remind yourself to express your feelings to those who deserved. One of my deepest regret is not able to say that to my mum before she passed on...:(

Monica said... @ 19/6/08 2:59 AM

hey gal, well said!!! ;-)

I'm so sorry to hear that. I know the pain of not saying it is still there but trust me though; your mom knows you love her!

Ratu Syura said... @ 19/6/08 4:45 AM

It's great feeling to recognize what you're grateful of and it's not an easy thing to do. I'd know because I used to post a Gratitude List on my blog and I'd have something to be grateful for everyday. I only made it up to #50+ and after that, I didn't update it anymore. I'm thinking of updating and continuing my Gratitude List.. hehe.. stay tuned for that.. :P

Anonymous said... @ 19/6/08 4:30 PM

On behalf of everybady around me; "I'm being grateful to GOD coz he created me to be the beacon of light to all around me, being so popular, so farny, so energetic, so goofy, so friendly, sososososalotmoresos." =D
On a serious note, to be really grateful to GOD make sure you remember the most important thing in life: to appreciate. Just think about this for a moment.


Monica said... @ 19/6/08 6:21 PM

Ratu Syura,
wow...50+? okay, update you list. I'd love to read ;-)

hahaha..I know la you're popular, farny, energetic, goofy, friendly.. somemore?

Rozella said... @ 19/6/08 10:40 PM

Amen to that! :)

Monica said... @ 20/6/08 7:49 AM


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