Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I have always been comfortable in dresses. I can never have enough of it! I know, I am not the only one. Personally, I feel dresses make ladies look more elegant and charming. They are suitable for almost every occasion, formal and casual. It could be a dinner among the glamorous people or just a cocktail party among your close friends, dresses simply fit wherever you go. Above all, dresses require minimum accessories which make it simpler and yet stunning!

I have had my eye on the simple dresses without the expensive price tag for casual and laid-back look!

Short polka dot dress with bow in back.

Front twist print strapless dress.

Butterfly ombre strapless dress.


Looking good doesn't always mean spending a ton of cash. Does anyone else agree with me? I found some irresistible merchandises at one of the online stores which offers prices that I simply can't resist. They have a large collection of clothing and apparel that fit everyone and every budget. I am pretty sure everyone wouldn't mind taking a little tour on this user friendly online store. I can guarantee some would simply fall in love with a wide array of smoky and simply charming collections. You will never know what you might find! Check out some amazing items at discount prices in their 25% off online promotional code section too.


Ratu Syura said... @ 11/6/08 3:07 AM

I love the first one! It's so cute! I just bought a dress too. A tube maxi dress that I simply adore!! I think I showed a picture of it on my other blog,

Monica said... @ 11/6/08 9:23 AM

Ratu Syura,
your another blog? ok, I'll check it out ;-)

MisterZyl said... @ 11/6/08 12:08 PM

Yeah, so nice Monica, not the dresses but the girls. :) LOL

Monica said... @ 11/6/08 6:02 PM

aha..the girls huh :-D

Unknown said... @ 11/6/08 6:40 PM

I do not really interested on cloths. Thus, I prefer wearing simple attire, as long as it's doesn't look ought. ;)

Rozella said... @ 12/6/08 10:43 AM

Those dresses are so cute! I'm not too sure that I can carry them off tho. Hehehe I think I would look kinda awkward in them

Nessa said... @ 12/6/08 2:58 PM

I loves dresses but like Rozella, I don't have 'the body' to carry them off.

I'm the T-shirt and jeans kinda type. Sometimes I look so scruffy, I think the pork seller's wife look even better than me! No offense to any pork sellers' wives out there :)

Monica said... @ 12/6/08 5:29 PM

ya, most men want to be comfortable instead of fashionable.

Rozella & Nessa,
No matter what your height or size, change things around quite a bit and I'm sure all eyes turn to you! ;-)

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