Saturday, June 21, 2008

When I woke up this morning
and crawled out of my bed
your image was in my head.

I just couldn't get you off my mind
I want you so terrible
I have to take you home
it's hard not to love you.

What I said is
straight from the heart
You may not have known it yet
But I have loved you from the start
Please believe everything I say
These feelings are so true.

I couldn't stop smiling
to see you in front of me
knowing I cannot look away.

You seduced me in the sunshine
You proceed to tease my lips
as my tongue dipped and swirled
till I couldn't get enough
You really hit the spot
You made me lose control
You knew I could crave this most.

Your left with a mess
only I could clean up
Still I was not satisfied
I wanted more inside
I screamed
and begging for more
Oh, how I want you!
I will surely ask for more.


Oh, give me some more please.


Nick Phillips said... @ 22/6/08 12:06 PM

LOL! Ice Cream? And there I was wondering what it was all about.

Happy Sunday.

Unknown said... @ 22/6/08 4:54 PM

That was smooth... Ice Cream, mmm... looks like Baskin Robin Or Häagen-Dazs?

Anonymous said... @ 22/6/08 5:00 PM

Your bf must be disappointed!

Monica said... @ 22/6/08 11:45 PM

I knew it!! hahaha...

Yes! it's BR, my favourite! ;-)

I don't think so :-D

Liz said... @ 23/6/08 1:30 AM

lol, the ice cream looks soooo good ;) thanks for sharing the fun.

have a great week ahead.

Monica said... @ 23/6/08 12:06 PM

Hello!! Thanks for dropping by too ;-)

Rozella said... @ 23/6/08 8:39 PM

Hahahaha You crack me up lah!

Unknown said... @ 24/6/08 6:03 PM

The Vanila + chocolate is better...Yummy yummy

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